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We at FemFounder know that it's always important to stay ahead of the curve to beat the competition. Because of this, we created a short guide sharing our top five tips to get media coverage immediately!

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5 Simple Tips to Get National Media Coverage for Your Online Business

These publicity tips have been created to help you get ahead and stay ahead of your competition by teaching you:


How to create compelling, media-focused pitches

Subject Lines

Ways to draft engaging subject lines to get an editor's response

Brand Narrative

Simple tips to create a unique press release that gets picked up by major media


What Can You Achieve with These Publicity Tips?

PR tips for entrepreneurs

With these simple tips, you'll be able to identify newsworthy story angles about your business, how to draft a pitch that actually generates a response from an editor, and more importantly, how to turn that media interest into a story that runs in a national magazine, newspaper, or website. This publicity stack gives you the freedom and flexibility to get your message out to the world while not spending any money.

Story Creation

Identify what kind of style and tone will work best for your target media outlets.

Subject Lines

Learn how to create powerful subject lines that will launch engagement through the roof.

Pitching the Right People

Receive tips on pitching the right media contacts ensuring your pitch goes to the right person!


Discover how to build blogger relationships that will push your brand building into overdrive.


Hey there! I'm Kristin Marquet!

Celebrity publicist, Kristin Marquet

I have over 14 years of PR and branding experience, and I served as the Creative Director of the award-winning PR firm, Creative Development Agency.

In 2017, I launched the emerging spinoff media company, FemFounder.co that helps creative female entrepreneurs plan, launch, and scale their businesses. Now, I run Marquet-Media.com, a boutique creative consultancy that designs beautiful and feminine brands in the wedding, beauty and fashion, wellness and fitness, cooking, photography, and interior design industries.

And I'm now ready to share everything I know about getting media coverage with you!

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