The PR Growth Formula for Your Small Biz or Start Up

How to Land Top-Tier Media Coverage in Outlets like, and 

Finally, get the media coverage your business, brand, or blog needs to grow.

You're writing blog content every week. You're sharing on Twitter 10 times a day and Pinning 50 times a day. You're reaching out to other bloggers for guest posting opportunities. And you've even shelled out a few thousand dollars for a website that's goregous and unique....  

But your customers or clients still are not finding you..... And you're frustrated...  

So what's your next step?  

Keep floundering while you test every new tech tool and marketing strategy?  

Read more of these so-called "marketing and PR experts'" blogs?  

Pay an influencer to endorse your product or service only to get nothing in return?  

Or worse yet...Give up?!?!?  

To help you stop flailing around and finally grow your business effectively and strategically, we're offering a very limited number of students into our PR Masterclass called Pronto PR.

Class begins on December 4th and ends on Decmeber 18th just in time for the New Year! 


You're in luck! We're letting 20 student register only! 

Normal price: $697  

Your price: $497 (for a limited time)  

Here's what I'll be teaching in the Pronto PR Masterclass ... 

LESSON ONE - December 4

Craft a newsworthy story to become a respected authority in your industry 

With a strong enough brand, you won't need to hustle for media attention. Instead, you'll just need to make the most of your outreach time with these tips.

LESSON TWO - December 11 

How I Generated 70+ Media Placements this Year and Grew My Business by 20% (and You Can Too)  

In this lesson, I'm pulling back the curtain on my own business to show you how I generate media coverage for my clients as well as for all of my businesses!

LESSON THREE - December 18

Leveraging the Power of PR  

This goes way beyond just seeing your name in on the web or in print. I'll show you how to leverage the power of your PR to get more website traffic, email subscribers, and sales.

 Plus, you’ll also get:  

  •  3 live video calls an hour long each (don’t worry, you can watch the replays if you can’t catch the live videos)
  •  A PR workbook and handouts
  •  2 (20-minute) 1:1 (Skype) calls with me to review with your PR messaging, strategy, and pitches 
  •  4 real pitch examples from Creative Development Agency
  •  The PR plan that we use for all of our clients at Creative Development Agency
  •  Downloadable press release templates you can use to customize your own business, brand or blog  

  Your Instructor - Kristin Marquet

Celebrity publicist, Kristin Marquet

Kristin Marquet has been in the PR and digital marketing industries for 12+ years. She holds a master's degree in PR and marketing from New York University and owns several businesses. Through her primary business, Creative Development Agency, LLC she's launched more than 200 fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. 

She also grew from zero to 50,000 page views and 35,000 email subscribers in fewer than two years with the power of PR and social media marketing.  

Outside of the PR and digital marketing world, Kristin is an endurance athlete that loves coffee, wine, and to travel. 


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I've received regarding publicity throughout the years. Please see the answers below. 

1). Is there a money back guarantee? 

Due to the instant access and intense nature of this program, this program is non-refundable. All sales are final.

2). Do you guarantee that my company will get media coverage? 

No, I don't guarantee you and/or your company will get media coverage. However, I will use my contacts to make sure your story is considered by the right people at whatever media outlet is pitched. Anyone who tells you they can guarantee media coverage is either lying, or paying someone to cover your brand.

3). What's the difference between advertising and publicity? 

Advertising vs. Publicity

You pay for advertising. You have control over the message, the size of the placement, where your advertisement is placed, and how frequently the advertisement is published.  

You don't pay for publicity. However, you can't control the message, the size of the article, where your media coverage is placed, or how frequently media coverage is published. Whether you get booked for a television or radio segment or your product gets featured in a magazine or online is at the discretion of the television producer or journalist. But if you do secure media coverage, it's much more credible than advertising. 

4). How many companies have you worked with through the years? 

Throughout the last 10 years, I've worked with and helped launch more than 200 companies. If you'd like to know about which companies I've worked with in the past, send an email to 

5). Do you have contacts at local affiliate and national network television shows?  

Yes, I've landed clients and/or their products on shows such as local FOX, FOX Business News, ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliates as well as national morning shows such as The TODAY Show.

6). Do you work with clients internationally? 

Yes, I do work with English-speaking clients based anywhere in the world. I've worked with companies in Australia, England, Canada, France, Italy, Taiwan, and UAE. 

7). What makes you qualified to teach me how to get publicity for my company? 

I've worked in the PR industry for about 12 years and hold a master's degree in public relations and marketing from New York University. I also lecture on publicity and marketing at New York University. 

Since I've started all three of my businesses, I've launched and worked with more than 200 brands of all sizes - from the first-time start-up to Fortune 500 companies. Throughout the years, I've learned what makes an interesting and newsworthy story, how to approach journalists and television producers, and what to do if your story gets cut or your interview gets bumped. I've also learned what buyers look for in brands before they consider carrying them.  

8). What's the difference between Creative Development Agency and 

Creative Development Agency is a PR firm that implements and executes for the client, while is a consultancy that teaches clients how to do their own publicity. Kristin works one-on-one with clients at, while a team works with clients and executes at Creative Development Agency.  


You're in luck! We're letting the first 20 people register!

Normal price: $697  

Your price: $497 (for a limited time)